Department Name:

Oncogene Regulation

H.O.D Name:

Chinmay Kumar Panda, Ph.D, FNASc, FAScT Senior Assistant Director Grade




i) Molecular genetics of cancer, ii) Regulation of gene expression, iii) Development of molecular markers for early detection and prognosis of cancer, iv) Chemoprevention of cancer by natural products

Lab Member:

Dr. Gangotree Mohanty-CSIR- Research Associate Dr. Anindita GhoshDST-Woman Scientist –A Dr. Biswabandhu Bankura-Post-doctoral Fellow Md. Saimul Islam-Senior Research Fellow Mr. Sudip Samadder-Senior Research Fellow Mr. Anirban Roychowdhury-Senior Research Fellow Miss. Mukta Basu- Senior Research Fellow Mrs. Rituparna Roy- Junior Research Fellow Mr. Debalina Mukhopadhyay- DST-Woman Scientist-A Mr. Balarko Chakraborty- Junior Research Fellow Miss. Priyanka Dutta- Junior Research Fellow

Brief description of the ongoing research work:


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