Department Name:

Immunoregulation and Immunodiagnostics

H.O.D Name:

Dr. Rathindranath Baral, PhD
Senior Scientific Officer (in Assistant Director Grade)


Tel : (Off.)2475-9313/2475-8057
Email- cncistkol@gmail.com


To understand the molecular changes in systemic and tumor in situ immune functions in cancer host and to modulate altered immunity in such a way to obtain anti-tumor benefits. To achieve this aim, immunomodulatory role of Neem Leaf Glycoprotein (NLGP) is extensively studied.

Lab Member:

Name-Dr. Anamika Bose / Designation-Young Scientist (DST)
Name-Dr. Soumyabrata Roy / Designation-Research Associate (CSIR)
Name-Dr. Sudeshna Mukherjee / Designation-National Postdoctoral Fellow (SERB)
Name-Mr. Diptendu Ghosh / Designation-Laboratory Technician
Name-Ms. Sarbari Ghosh / Designation-Senior Research Fellow, DST-INSPIRE
Name-Mr. Avishek Bhuniya / Designation-Senior Research Fellow, CSIR-NET
Name-Mrs. Tithi Ghosh / Designation-Senior Research Fellow, CNCI
Name-Mrs. Ipsita Guha / Designation-Senior Research Fellow, CNCI
Name-Ms. Shayani Dasgupta / Designation-Senior Research Fellow, UGC-NET
Name-Mrs. Akata Saha / Designation-Junior Research Fellow, CNCI
Name-Mr. Partha Nandi / Designation-Senior Research Fellow, DST-INSPIRE
Name-Ms. Juhina Das / Designation-Junior Research Fellow, DBT
Name-Mr. Nilanjan Ganguly / Designation-Senior Research Fellow, CSIR-NET
Name-Ms. Mohona Chakravarti / Designation-Junior Research Fellow, UGC-NET
Name-Mr. Anirban Sarkar / Designation-Junior Research Fellow, UGC-NET
Name-Ms. Sukanya Dhar / Designation-Junior Research Fellow, DST-INSPIRE
Name-Mr. Aritra Gupta / Designation-Junior Research Fellow, CSIR-NET

Brief description of the ongoing research work:


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